What We’re All About

83 Drops is a brand that focuses on motivating and inspiring those with dreams, goals, and aspirations in life to go after ’em. The use of graphic/visual designs to convey a message to support the vision of the brand.

In line with the brand’s vision, every year a charity/foundation will be chosen to get a percentage of a whole year’s worth of sales from 83 Drops. It’s at least the small help we start to give out across all these great causes. Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to build our own foundation to help all these other charities and foundations.

At the moment, 83 Drops is also a “developing dream” that is operated by means of using third-party businesses that does the printing and all the mailing of the products to the audience of 83 Drops.

One day, it hopes to have a physical store and have all the printing and mailing to be done solely by 83 Drops. Like it’s audience… it’s also going after a dream. But one day will come in sooner and later for all of us. Until then, we keep grinding!

Our Story

Initially started going with the brand name “So Fresh”, which was taken from the portfolio name given by the Artist/Designer behind the brand.

After a few designs for “So Fresh”, more thoughts on the vision and the direction of the brand came into mind… and with that a decision was made to change the brand name to better fit the vision and the direction of the brand.

The brand went with the name “83 Drops.” It originated from all the jumbled up thoughts that came into mind when thinking of the vision for the brand.

Basically, the brand wanted to focus on motivating and inspiring everyone with dreams, goals, and aspirations in life. 83 Drops wanted to use their visual designs and style as an outlet to engage people to keep chasing their dreams… and to continue to pursue exactly that. And with every design 83 Drops comes up with… trust that there is a message to help support the vision the brand takes up.

And with that… the idea of “going after your dreams” can be a road that leads to a lot of blood, sweat, and tears… and these are the “Drops” that represents all the hard-work, will, and perseverance one would need in order to get to their dream/goal/aspiration.

“83” is also a reference to something else.

“8” was used to symbolize “infinity”… these are the dreams/goals/aspirations that we just can’t get out of our heads… and no matter what happens in life, we know deep down that these are the things we want to do with our lives. “8” is that dream that tells you that this is what you should be doing in life and what you really want to do. “8” also represents how long your willing to chase it.

Now “3” came from the believe that we would need 3 Key essential things in life to go after our dreams. And that would be our Faith/Beliefs, Family, and Friends.

Hence… 83 Drops.

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