Coast to Coast with CJ Isit

There’s 10 seconds left on the clock… tied with no time outs left… he drives right… spins… fakes… fades… annnddddd CLUTCH!!

I think most guys have somewhat recreated this scenario over and over again. Whether in the court or with the little trash bin in the house.

For CJ, it was just one of the many triggers that causes him to pursue this dream. And with that, he packed his bags and left Toronto and headed to Manila for this beautiful thing called basketball.

CJ attended the University of Mapua and got a scholarship to play for the university’s basketball team. We actually were able to sit down with him during those times and got his insights on the challenges he and the team went through as the years went by.

Today, CJ plays in the PBA D-League on Team Batangas.

Watch out for his video interview soon, as he discusses his passion, challenges, and his journey as he pursues his dreams!

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