20 Questions w/ Zoe Go

For the second time around, Zoe was able to help us out with another shoot.

But this time, we wanted to get to know Zoe a little better and asked 20  random questions and here’s what she has to say…

1. What’s your Top 5 TV Series you’re currently hooked on?

#1 Game of Thrones (of course)

#2 Stranger Things (can’t wait for season 2)

#3 Girls

#4 Broad City

#5 Narcos

2. What do you love to do on your down time?

I like doing chill stuff now on my free time like watching series with my cat. I kinda changed over the year as I started to take it easy compared to how I was before. But hey I’m really trying to do some active and creative projects every now and then.

3. If had to stay in a haunted house what’s one thing you’d bring with you?

Atticus (my cat) of course! He’s the bravest cat I know so he’ll keep me company.

4. What did aspire to be as a kid and why?

I aspired to be a dentist then an astronaut… then a camel trainer. I think the camel trainer is my best aspiration. 

5. If you could swap your lifestyle for a day with anyone in the world who would you choose?

To be completely honest and shallow, I’d switch lifestyles with Kim K. because duh.

6. What’s the Top 5 things that you look for in a guy?

I’ve never really thought of what I like in a guy but I guess I’m always attracted to a nice, decent, forgiving, smart and stable guy. lewlzzzzsss. 

7. If you had to choose a cartoon character to play you in real life, which cartoon character would play you?

The rock from Over the Garden Wall because I’m meh.

8. What’s 3 dishes you think you can live on if those were the only things you ate for the rest of your life?

Oh no… Tough question… Okay maybe Torched Salmon with Rice, Marinara Pasta and Roasted Chicken.

9. If you won a round trip ticket with free accomodations and shopping money for two weeks… Where would you go?

To London… Some people will know why. 

10. What’s the first 3 things you would do with a million dollars?

Invest in businesses and stocks, get an apartment in New York, get another cat or a dog.

11. If you woke up tomorrow in a world of zombies… What would be you’re weapon of choice?

A samurai! 

12. If we were to give you a car… What car would you like? And in what color?

A The Mercedes-Benz G-Class in black.

13. What’s 3 pet peeves that really get to your nerves?

Rude people, drivers who don’t let pedestrians pass by the pedxing and wet toilet seat… (like pwede ba?!!!)

14. If you could go back a decade, what’s one advice you’d give yourself?

“Always listen to your mom”

15. Who are you listening to on your current playlist?

Tame Impala!!! 

16. If you had the power to acquire skills from people, what skill would you like to take?

I guess I want to have to have the skills of a multilingual person (minimum of 50 languages).

17. If you could have a lifetime supply of something for free, what would that something be and why?

Haha could it be money. It’s gonna make my life a lot easier.

18. Names 5 words that best describe you.

Fun, grandma, cat, resourceful, ghetto superstar

19. What’s the one sure thing to give you a scare?

I will never gonna reveal that.

20. If you could solve one world problem, what would it be?



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